The Co-op & Condo Case Law Tracker, a HABITAT product, is a subscription-based, curated database of New York co-op/condo court decisions, squibs and expert take-aways. The database serves as an authoritative and reliable resource—helping you spot trends, stay current, and expertly inform your litigation strategy. The database is updated monthly and currently has over 1000 decisions and squibs. Cases and squibs from 2014 through November 2020 were supplied by Michael Manzi, partner, Smith, Gambrell & Russell and Marc Luxemburg, partner, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey.

The Case Law Tracker provides:

  • A Searchable Database with filtering capability that lets you drill down even further by court, judge, residence, tag, and date.
  • Case Summaries to help you understand what the case is about and quickly determine if it benefits you.
  • Case Views for a fast click to the full details of the case including judges, case history, as well as an active slip op link to related court documents.
  • A Monthly Digest presenting the most relevant trends or cases and providing an at-a-glance summary of all the new cases added that month.
  • Advisory Committee comprised of industry-specific experts who truly understand the matters that matter to you most.   
  • Case Notes focusing on providing insight on one relevant  case—clearly explaining what happened, why it’s important, and what lessons can be learned within.

Researching, editing and keeping the Tracker database up to date is a team effort. Our members include:

Executive Editor - Heather Stone

Director of Legal Research - Alyssa Rosen

Database Content Manager - Heather Hess

Marketing Director - Peggy Mullaney

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